11:25pm August 12, 2014
So, how are you going to use yours?

So, how are you going to use yours?

3:24pm August 12, 2014
challengemesimply asked: Hello :) I was pointed in your direction saying you had a tutorial on allocating more memory for sims 3? but I can't find it can you give me a lnk to if it's not too much trouble? please and thank you!
2:26pm August 12, 2014

“That kind of thinking [that writers must alleviate their guilt for leading a creative life] is based on the idea that the creative life is somehow self-indulgent. Artists and writers have to understand and live the truth that what we are doing is nourishing the world. William Carlos Williams said, “It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.” You can’t eat a book, right, but books have saved my life more often than sandwiches. And they’ve saved your life… But we don’t say, oh, Maya Angelou should have silenced herself because other people have other destinies. It’s interesting, because artists are always encouraged to feel guilty about their work. Why? Why don’t we ask predatory bankers how they alleviate their guilt?”

— Ariel Gore (via writingquotes)
1:17pm August 12, 2014

 89 Features Missing from The Sims 4


Thank you to Bflury on TS3 Forums for organizing this list! I fixed a lot of spelling/grammar/writing issues for you guys…enjoy!

Everything below has been 100% confirmed, excluding the final category.

This is a list of features that were COMPLETELY CUT or REDUCED from…

make it 90, no opacity sliders in CAS

12:07pm August 9, 2014

At the Jays’ game last night. Very cool view of CN Tower.

8:17pm August 1, 2014

K, a try at a self sim
This game seriously needs Create a Style. Not even being able to change the opacity on lipstick was a pain.

4:23pm August 1, 2014

Finally got the demo…
I’m all ‘meh’ all over this. Looks so much like an iPad game in its controls.

12:36pm August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: For adding the more space to your Sims 3 you added a while ago (Like... a year ago??) When I finish it and I click OK, my computer says that I already have a file that exists in my computer by that name. When I went to look at the file beside it I noticed they were the same name so I'm worried that if I click okay everything will go to shit. Is there anything I need to worry about or am I just being paranoid??

Did you make sure you copied the file (as explained) and put it ELSEWHERE on your computer? Other than that, I don’t know, maybe someone else (who sees this) can figure out what might be causing this.

6:12am July 30, 2014
Anonymous asked: Umm did you get my email now?

Nope. And because you’re still anonymous, I can’t send you messages on tumblr either.