3:14pm July 17, 2014
That’s IT!

That’s IT!

11:50pm July 14, 2014
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10:20pm July 12, 2014

I think the real one is way creepier!
Chatty Cathy 1961… makes Chucky seem tame.


I think the real one is way creepier!

Chatty Cathy 1961… makes Chucky seem tame.

2:16pm July 12, 2014
11:20pm July 11, 2014
All I gotta say about that is…

All I gotta say about that is…

11:06pm July 11, 2014


Glasses - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

not going to bother opening the clubmasters… whatever, but yeah, these ones are Here

kinda surprised at the clubmasters but whatever

8:26am July 10, 2014
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2500 Followers Gift Part I: Batter Up Pose Set

Well this is a change. Its a break in my regular upload program! Yes, its a tumblr followers gift and I am marking the milestone with not just one, but four gifts, yes, I just said 4! First up is sort of a by-product of the next gifts. It is a set of baseball bat poses. I want to give a huge bear hug to the awesome Cloudwalker who made the bat for me to use since an accessory bat does not exist for TS3 to the best of my knowledge. The bat is not included in the download, but head over to her website where you can grab it along with other awesome stuff.

The pose pack consists of:

  • 10 poses incorporating the baseball bat
  • Is pose list compatible
  • Pose list with reference pictures supplied in archive

Be sure to keep the pictures. If you want to bypass the pose list, the quickest way is the use the codes below each picture. I hope you enjoy these poses. They may not be versatile as some, but I can see many uses for them myself, so I hope you find some use for them as well. 


Download Poses: Mediafire | Onedrive


Download Bat: Cloudwalkersims


edit: I mixed up pose 8 and 10 in the pictures in the archive, but the pictures in this post are corrected. Sorry about that. They still work fine but this is what happens when you edit pictures late at night. 

edit edit: they are fine, I need more sleep

8:40pm July 8, 2014